How to play

May 29, 2022


Diggers World has three types of resources in the economic model.
DWD — Diamonds token
DWI — Iron token
DWS — Sulfur token

To start playing, you need to have at least one tool of any type. One tool is enough to start your journey in Diggers World universe.

Jackhammers are needed to exploit DWD.
Bombs are used to harness DWI.
Pickaxes are required to mine DWS.

The number of mining resources depends on the rarity of your tool.
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary exist in the game.

The resources can be exchanged to WAXP or used for crafting different in-game tools.

The game has a dangerous mechanic that gives a chance to get a lot of resources in one click or lose something. Legendary rarity tools can be obtained only from this dangerous mine mechanic.

Choose your strategy and join the game.




Diggers World is a P2E project on WAX-blockchain with a well-thought-out economic model.