The Bounty event is one of the regular events in the Diggers World game.

You can win a prize in WAXP in Dangerous Mine during the bounty event.

Notice: the detailed information about Dangerous Mine you can read in our whitepaper.

The total pool for the first bounty event is 15000 WAXP

5 winners — 3000 WAXP each.

The prizes will be sent when five winners are picked.

Bounty Event lives leaderboard:

This is not the last Event; we have prepared more exciting events in future; stay tuned!

The list of winners is still empty, so don’t miss your chance to get 3000waxp!!!

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In a recent update, an in-game store for a diamond token was added.
At the moment, you can purchase three chests of different types there:

  • Promo chest chances:

Common tool — 70 %

Rare tool — 24 %

Epic tool — 6 %

  • Starter chest chances:

Common tool — 80 %

Rare tool — 20 %




There are two types of inventory: in-game inventory(left-side menu) and AtomicHub inventory.

Using the “Stake” and “Unstake” buttons, you can send your tools between them.


You need to stake your tools in the in-game inventory to start mining. Then you need to open the mine menu and choose your type of mining.



Diggers World has three types of resources in the economic model.
DWD — Diamonds token
DWI — Iron token
DWS — Sulfur token

To start playing, you need to have at least one tool of any type. One tool is enough to start your journey in Diggers World universe.

Jackhammers are needed to exploit DWD.
Bombs are used to harness DWI.
Pickaxes are required to mine DWS.

The number of mining resources depends on the rarity of your tool.
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary exist in the game.

The resources can be exchanged to WAXP or used for crafting different in-game tools.

The game has a dangerous mechanic that gives a chance to get a lot of resources in one click or lose something. Legendary rarity tools can be obtained only from this dangerous mine mechanic.

Choose your strategy and join the game.



Hello diggers, today we will have the first promo drop.

At 16:00 UTC, 125 free promos will be dropped. Everyone can participate in promo drops. There will be a link with a private key. The link will be posted on our official discord channel.

To prepare, I suggest you read our whitepaper because it will be a question in order to give a promo card to people interested in the project.

Also, remind you that our promo cards are needed to craft a promo chest with real tools.

To find out more details about the promo, you should read the page in the whitepaper:

Good luck to you diggers

Promo drop



Diggers World is an NFT project with a well-thought-out economic model. The player himself chooses a game strategy while having the opportunity to earn money.

Get various resources, and craft tools, and upgrade them. Try your luck in mining, get exclusive rewards, and build your own mine.

We recommend you subscribe to our social media to be informed about the latest news and events. Here we will make posts about the development process and some really important news.

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Diggers World is a P2E project on WAX-blockchain with a well-thought-out economic model.